Becomming adult – Thailand part 1

The time has come. From now on it will be expected that I behave as an adult. Well, my mother will never expect that, but I’m unsure if that is because of her or mine condition. I mark this day by flee a way, to Pattaya in Thailand. DSC_0066 King Winter said goodbye to me by painting Norway white.


Thailand has many great dive sites, so diving was on my list for this trip. I had 6 dives, some good, some other.  The second day with diving, I and a buddy went down to 40m, and my expectations were low. But we were lucky. The bottom was almost nothing but sand. Boring. But then it was the exception. The coral. We found two bowl looking corals, close to each other. Had I taken with me my camera? No! 🙁 Under water it is hard to estimate sizes, but I guess the biggest one was 50 cm in height and 40 cm in with. Perfect shape, and nice colors. Could have stayed there for a long time to admire the natures creation, if it had not been on such depth. On the last day with diving, the location is named The Japanese Garden. I don’t know the reason for the name, but it was an amazing place. We never went below 15m, so there were no rush. Lots of corals, small but colorful fishes, strange vegetation. But the thing that made this site special was the terrain. It is hard to describe. Large stones, ravines, steep walls. A very nice dive.


Almost each day of this trip I had massage. Thai massage, foot massage, back massage. I tried different massage shops. In general I was disappointed. It was not bad, but I had expected something more. The best massages was from men, more power full. But I should probably not complain, the price was 1/10 of the prices in Norway.

During my diving I got a problem with my back. A vertebra had become out of position. Massage had relieved some of the pain, but not healed the problem. I had to go to a chiropractor. When I met him, he looked ok. Once he raised up, hmm, he could hardly walk, even with his cane. I let him do his work, and ah, he did a good job. After the treatment I had more massage, and I have had no more problems so far.

As a reflexologist I know the value of preventive actions. One of mine was to use reflexes when I was walking in the dark. I’m sure I was the only person in Pattaya using reflexes. In general it seemed like preventive actions was not in focus there at all.


In one of the places I stayed there was a little extra guest. We did not greet, but accepted each others existence. Not sure why he prefered to stay in the bathroom. Might be my snoring. Next morning he had checked out an hour before me. Also the next place had animals in the bathroom. On my way in the bathroom door I was met by 4 small cats. One of them go some reflexology.




I used helmet when I was using the scooter-taxis. I guess they used the “multiply by π” prices for us tourists. I did not bother to bargain much. I still had money enough for food and fun. A little observation, half of the scooters had disconnected speedometer. Google map was my friend when I was telling the drivers where I wanted to go. But still some had to ask colleagues for directions during trips. This happened on my trip to the airport. I had agreed with the driver for the price. Strange, but he had obviously never been on the airport before. When we were close to the airport he wanted me to use another taxi for the rest of the trip. He changed his mind when I refused to pay the full amount.


Yes, it is possible to buy love. I did. It tasted delicious. 🙂



Some times I tried to behave as a normal turist, and went to tourist attractions. The first was the Sanctuary of truth. This seems to be Pattayas approach to be cultural. It is a gigantic wooden construction covered with wooden carve sculpture. The building of it was started in 1981, and there were lots of construction and renovation work ongoing. The idea behind it was to use art and culture as “a reflection of the Ancient Vision of Earth, Ancient Knowledge, and Eastern Philosophy”. Yes, nice carvings, but the figures don’t tell me any story. It is nice but chaotic. In a way it reminds me of the old the stave churches in Norway.


Next up was Wat Pho i Bangkok, also known as Temple of the Reclining Buddha. As we already know Buddha is great. Here he is 46 meter long. The number of Buddha statues is … innumerable. This temple is thought of as Thailands first university. There is a school of traditional medicine here, so I tried the massage also here.

To me it looks like people’s relation to Buddhism is skin deep. They have more focus on the rituals and the Buddha statues than the philosophy that Buddha was teaching. More or less as Catholics to their saint sculptures. I’m not surprised.


Next: The karate camp.

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