My mother have some health issues, so traveling alone is not possible for her. She asked me if I could come with her on an holiday to Lanzarote. Yes, no problem, she was in a good period both mentally and physically. At least for a while. Two weeks before we were leaving, she got a heart attack. Everything went well, and she was allowed by the hospital to carry out her vacation.

The flight from Bergen was early in the morning, so we stayed at a hotel close to the airport. We were met by 23 degrees temperature. At Cinco Placa in Puesto del Carmen we got an appartement on ground level, to make things easy for my mother.

The Saturday was used to … more or less nothing. Except that I went to a diving shop to see if I could have a course. I got the price and a schedule.  My mother accepted that I would spend so much time away from her, so almost everything was good. Almost. I needed an medical approvement. Should be easy for a fit guy as me, at least in theory.

The the doctor, a young woman (<30), found an inflammation in my inner ear.  Her verdict was hard. If I wanted to dive, I would need some antibiotic. I felt my claws and teeth started to grow, I was directly in fight mode. But I had to resign for supreme power. Down with my pants, two shots in my ass. Well, some of that was hard, and some not. (Wrong thinking.) Procedure was repeated two times the next day also.

Ready for diving! Walking into the sea from a beach is usually a bit unpleasant. Feeling the cold water flooding into the suit. Worst areas are the groin and the navel. But not this time. 20 degrees in the water, with wet suit, is different from my previous experiences. So far, so good.

Someone might have noticed that I currently have lots of hair in my face. That makes the diving mask letting in water. So before going down I had to tighten and empty my mask. The emptying is usually very easy. Lift the nose a bit up, put pressure on the top of the mask and breath out trough the nose. This will lett the air press the water out of the mask. Easy peasy. Again, in theory. It felt as impossible for me to breath out the nose.  That was the moment I was thinking: What the f*** am I doing here? Focus Arve, control your breathing, slow, air out of the nose. Yes! Time to letting out the air from the BCD. The rest was pure fun.

I had six dives on tree days. I ended up with PADI Advanced Open Water Diver license. The instructor told me that I did pretty well, not been diving for more than 10 years. I had not lied to him about my last dive, I only was a bit inaccurate about the 28+ years.

On Sunday, my mother went to The Norwegian Seamen’s Church. I followed her, and then went for a walk. First there had been sale of coffee and waffles, then a communion service. I came back before everything ended, so I got an impression of it. It smelled sulfur and pietism. But my mother was happy. Usually we say “Happy children, happy parents”. Now it was the opposite.

We had two walking trips together most days. The first for lunch/ice, then dinner in the evening. Some of the days my mother did not feel well. During the dinner she had to puke. She was not able to eat much dinner. No, not interested in visiting my cute doctor.

Most of her days was spent by the pool, but not in the pool for a second. Neither was she interested in a walk on the beach. I think she had a good time, remembering back on all the times she had been there before. More than 35 times on Lanzarote, most of them in Puerto del Carmen, lots of them in Kontiki Club apartments.

During the stay I was looking for yoga classes. Google helped me to localize a studio, but it was closed or moved. But close by I found a place to get massage and reflexology. Below average, but was still good for me.

When we came back to Bergen, we were met by snow.


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