Taiwan – ICR conference

Teaveling to Taiwan took 22 hours, from Oslo. Then I had to wait  a few hours until the 4 hour traintrip took me to Taitung. On the airport in Guangzhou I talked with a woman. She was Taiwanese,  but lived in L.A., and was a retired TCM doctor. She was going to be picked up by her brother at the airport in Taipei. She offered to take me to the train station, and I accepted. When she called her brother she said “I have picked up a brat here. …”. I take it as a compliment. 🙂

The sim-card in the phone stoped being helpful when I arrived Taiwan. Luckily I had downloaded the Google map for Taiwan for offline use. Less luckily, Google map in offline mode sucks big time. Wifi rescued me a few times.

AirB&B provided me a bed, but not much more. Can’t expect room service for free.

The conference was a crash
 into my duties as a board member of ICA. Some interesting speeches, and some other. Most important to me is to meet old and new friends. But some was also miissing.

We had a sightsing to Father Josephs senter. Two buses with reflexologisrs. During this stay two local people gave some treatments. As usual my impulse control have a defect when it comes to treatment. I invited one of my colleague to get a treatment. Much better than watch, as in many other situations. Also got an treatment exchange later.

Have had a good time here. One of the nice moments was standing on a corner downtown Taitung in the middle of the night and discussing reflexology for almost two hours with myfriend Birgit.

Hmm, yes, there are also some stories that don’t fit as written words. 🙂

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