About Picasso and me

At least one of us must be insane. Yesterday I was at an exhibition with mostly his works. 
It is impossible for me to understand how he got his leadin position in art. He must have licked many big butts. This picture is named Women in red chair. Fortunately there was other exhibitions. Also with one of my Spanish favorite, Salvador Dali.

When we came on shore in A Coruna I could feel the “land sickness”, the streest were rolling just as waves. The body is used to the continuous movement. I wondered if I woud gave a similar reaction when I was going to sleep on a hostel in Madrid. Would I be able to sleep with no engine noise and no fan noise? Lucky my got a bed in a mixed dorm. Three young and nice girls became my company. And lucky me again. One of then was snoring all through the night. I had obviously worried unnecessary. 

This picture tells the slogan of the hostel. I was easy adopted. 

Almost home now.

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