Alfa Delta Hotel Delta

It has been said that if you give someone a hammer, everything becomes nails for them. I have my reflexology tools. It is surprising how fast some treatments give effects. 

It was nice to see the lights from the French lighthouses in the night when we approached Biscay. Even when they was miles behind the horizon I could see them. Not with the sharp sight, but with the peripheral sight. Fascinating. 

I’m not sure, but I think my hair has changed from gray to more white during this trip. Sun bleach. 

I bought earphones with active noise reduction just before we left Haugesund. A very good investment. Primarily becaus the engine was next to my head when I wad sleeping, but also when someone become too much talkative. 
We will soon come to Acoruna, where I’m leaving the boat and heading home.

Found this lovely clock in Alderney. 

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