On shore

We had expected more wind. Flat sea 100 miles from shore is not usual I suppose, specially for a long time. The sails have been used very little, and mostly together with the engine. The result is a much higher fuel consumption than the estimated. On Monday we had to fuel in Dover. 28 degrees, and a nice breeze. How could we forget to buy ice cream? The good thing is that our speed is higher than expected.
One original plan was to go to Brest in France. I planned to leave Pegasus there, to go home to the karate summer camp. Becaus we have had high speed all the way I chose to go along until Acoruna in Spain. 

We had to fuel once more before Biscay. First thought was to go to Guernsey. I have been there once before, about 15 years ago. The map told us it would be shorter to do do that on Alderney. A place with much more fortress than the west coast of Karmøy. 
In between all duties I find time to do some self treatment. 

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  1. Det er nå et røft havstykke dokke seile i nå. Kanskje å foretrekke rolige forhold framfor MYE vind. Men det er nå i min ånd;-)
    Fortsatt fin seiltur.

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