07.12.-16.12. My mother have some health issues, so traveling alone is not possible for her. She asked me if I could come with her on an holiday to Lanzarote. Yes, no problem, she was in a good period both mentally and physically. At least for a while. Two weeks before we were leaving, she got… Continue reading Lanzarote

Okinawa – part 2

27.10.-4.11. The day after Kyoko and I visited Kudaka Island, we went to the Shuri Castle. This was the palace of the Ryukyu kingdom in ancient times. It is easy to see that some inspiration have come from China. At the end of our visit on the castle, the rain came. The beginning of the forecasted… Continue reading Okinawa – part 2

Okinawa – part 1

23.10.-26.10. When I decided to go to the ICR conference on Taiwan, I looked for Kyokushin clubs there. I found that there was one on the opposite side of the island from where the conference was going to be held. While looking at the map, I saw that the distance to Okinawa was not deterrent. When… Continue reading Okinawa – part 1

Taiwan – ICR conference

Teaveling to Taiwan took 22 hours, from Oslo. Then I had to wait  a few hours until the 4 hour traintrip took me to Taitung. On the airport in Guangzhou I talked with a woman. She was Taiwanese,  but lived in L.A., and was a retired TCM doctor. She was going to be picked up… Continue reading Taiwan – ICR conference

Karate summer camp

After the boat trip I had only two nights in my own bed, then off to the summer camp. It was nice to enjoy the camp this year, when I did not have to think of grading. With friends like this, who needs enemies? Note to self: Stop blocking with head. The herd from Etne… Continue reading Karate summer camp

About Picasso and me

At least one of us must be insane. Yesterday I was at an exhibition with mostly his works.  It is impossible for me to understand how he got his leadin position in art. He must have licked many big butts. This picture is named Women in red chair. Fortunately there was other exhibitions. Also with… Continue reading About Picasso and me

Alfa Delta Hotel Delta

It has been said that if you give someone a hammer, everything becomes nails for them. I have my reflexology tools. It is surprising how fast some treatments give effects.  It was nice to see the lights from the French lighthouses in the night when we approached Biscay. Even when they was miles behind the… Continue reading Alfa Delta Hotel Delta

Dark is the night 

Our second night in the sea was very light. High air pressure scared the clouds away. Even in the darkest hours we could see the waves, and we could navigate by the stars. The further south we came the darker the nights has become. I love the light of the Norwegian summer nights. The temperature… Continue reading Dark is the night